About epispring

Our commitment to a good product goes further than just supplying and making a hair removal product. With our enthusiastic team of designers, we enjoy developing effective hair removal products. We are proud to announce that we are the largest brand in the world developing, marketing special, effective and fast-acting hair removal products.

We prefer not to do hair removal. But if it has to be done, then preferably as quickly and effectively as possible. With that in mind, we were the first to launch the Epispring on the Dutch market in 2008, from which our company owes its name. The Epispring is an epilation spring with which you can remove all unwanted hairs from the root fast and easy. 

The depilator spring comes from Arab countries, where the feather is extremely popular. The depilator spring is based on hair removal with a rope, “Threading”. We developed a number of new variants of this and introduced the general public in the world to this unique and effective way of hair removal. 

Epispring has since become a trusted and effective means for removing unwanted hair. 

Renewed hair removal products: fast and effective

Optimal ease of use is our top priority. That is why we are constantly working to make hair removal products (even) simpler and more effective. For example, we did not stand still after the introduction of the epilation spring. In recent years we have launched new hair removal products under the Epispring® brand. Such as the hair removal pads (2008), wax stick (2017 and the Epispring epiroller (2011), Epispring Roll (2013). In 2017 we introduced the Epispring eyebrow & face: the world’s first electric plucking spring for face and eyebrows. And here we are so proud of it.

Long-lasting result

If you remove unwanted hair, you want it to stay away as long as possible. Epispring only offers products that remove hair from the root. This not only gives the best result for a smooth and silky skin, but also ensures that the hairs stay away longer and come back softer.

Responsible products

When it comes to your face, you don’t want to take any chances. We understand that all too well. Our products are therefore extensively tested on all skin types. Epilation with the epispring is not harmful to your skin. Our wax is dermatologically tested and contains only natural ingredients.

The advantages of Epispring at a glance:
  •  Hair removal from the root
  •  Easy and fast to use
  •  Responsible products
  •  Long-lasting result
  •  For all skin types
Hair removal from the root;
  • Epispring classic, epiroller and Roll
  • Epispring eyebrow & face wax marker
  • Epispring eyebrow & face epilator (electric)
Painless hair removal
  • Epispring facial pads
  • Epispring pads for body
  • Epispring mini shaver (electric)

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