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Epispring Roll

the most effective hair remover for unwanted facial hair. The unwanted hairs are pulled out of your skin in bundles with roots.

Epispring classic

Our first Epispring hair removal spring for use on your face. This epilator is suitable for both downy and very thick unwanted facial hairs an is intended to remove short hairs from the roots.

Epispring Electric

A very effective hair removal device with which you can very quickly remove bundles of unwanted hairs from your face. The device is suitable for both downy hair and very thick unwanted hair to remove, ideal on small spots, upper lip and even ears. The skin is not damaged so that you do not get red spots on the place you use the product.

Epispring Wax Pen

A wax pen with which you can quickly and easily depilate small areas without heating up the wax. simply draw your eyebrow and get the perfect eyebrow in an instant without messing with wax.

Epispring Mini shaver

The mini shaver has a round head with double razor. Because of its round head you can remove hair painlessly in all places, just put it on a spot to remove hair and start removing, fast and everywhere you want. Your skin will feel silky soft after using our mini shaver.

Epispring Epiroller

The Epiroller is intended to quickly remove unwanted downy hair from the root. Due to its shape, you can easily slide the Epiroller over your skin, remove bundles of downy hair without damaging your skin with just one movement.

Epispring mitts

Painless Crysal pads for large surfaces such as arms and legs. These pads  removes painlessly but deeply unwanted hairs, leaving your skin hair-free for a longer period of time. Due to its peeling effect you get a silky soft and hairless skin for a long time.

Epispring facial pads

Painless hair removal pads for your face with a handy applicator. Using our crystal pads you will have hairless and soft skin for a long time. Due to its peeling effect your skin will be soft and smooth. the hairs stay away for longer time and will come back softer.

Epispring Roll

Our Epispring Roll, a very effective, convenient and fast way for hair removal. Its special shape makes it easy to use and effortlessly grabs large areas of hair in one movement. The hairs are removed from the root, so you can enjoy hairless skin for a longer period of time.

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